ZeePlex releases the trailer of Sita On The Road

1 month ago

Mumbai: Modern-day requires modern solutions and ZeePlex film Sita On The Road has given the much-needed edge to stories of women. Narrating the story of 5 women, it features, Kalpika Ganesh, Khatera Hakimi, Gayatri Gupta, Nesa Farhadi, and Uma Lingaiah. Produced by Pranoop Jawahar and Priyanka Tati, the movie is directed by Praneeth Yaron.

With ZeePlex picking up the pace and presenting original content every month, this movie is definitely going to be a great addition to the platform's impressive lineup.

The Sita On The Road trailer explores hidden locations of Goa and Karnataka, while also narrating the story of women that is as engaging as ever. It aims to portray the struggles that women face on a day-to-day basis and draws from the concept of Sita in Ramayan, who jumped into the fire to prove her chastity.

All these five women are from different backgrounds and have various challenges to deal with in their respective societies. It is during their journey that they are introduced to not just nature, but in a way, also to their own selves, and that in itself, is beautiful.

Talking about the movie, director Yaron says, ''The movie primarily narrates the journey of self-discovery and what happens when women decided to listen to the inner voice when life comes to a crossroad. Sita On The Road is an attempt to answer those questions through these 5 women and to understand how freedom is often the destination that all women are looking at, once the journey ends. Apart from the story, what will also hold the audiences are the locations that are unearthed during the journey, all of which were discovered during my own journey of 40,000 km.''

ZeePlex is Zee's pay-per-view platform that allows the viewers to handpick the movies and content they wish to wash, allowing them to pay for just that. While ZeePlex provides a theatre-like experience at home, it has also kickstarted a C2H model in the country.

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