Bigg Boss 16 Day 65: Ankit becomes new captain, Shalin calls Tina Datta 'bad loser'

1 month ago

NEW DELHI: Archana Gautam and Saundarya talk about Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot's bond in the house and say they are faking it. Archana says host Salman Khan has also pointed about it now. Abdu tells Shiv that everytime he tries to talk to Nimrit, Shiv comes in between. Archana tells Priyanka that Ankit reminds her of the lead actor in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. 

Nimrit steps down as the house captain. The hunt for new captain commences. Housemates take part in a 'Keechad Dhobi ghat' task to compete for captaincy. Priyanka and Soundarya criticise Sajid for helping Sumbul. Shiv yells when Priyanka continues even after the gong goes off. Soon everyone starts to talk over each other.

Nimrit kicks Shalin out. Bigg Boss intervenes and says that the end results should be declared only after the current captain inspects everything first. Nimrit declares Priyanka as the loser of the first round, and Shalin the winner.

Shalin wins the first round and knocks Sumbul out of the race. He says that the reason was because he feels that she needs more time to be ready to be the house’s captain. Sumbul declares that everyone is targeting her, and leaves in a huff. She gets into a loud argument with Priyanka.

After Sumbul gets eliminated from the task, Bigg Boss makes her 'Sanchalak.' Ankit wins the task and becomes the new captain, defeating Priyanka.

He assigns Priyanka and Sajid in Room 2 and saves them from elimination. He then goes onto allocate the rooms to the rest of the housemates.

Tina Datta expresses that Shalin helped Priyanka with the captaincy challenge and did not ruin her game. However, Shalin disagrees with her and informs her that he did not help her in any way. They get into an argument and Tina becomes furious. Soundarya is disappointed with Ankit since, after becoming captain, he did not prioritise her while allocating rooms.

Shalin and Soundarya tease and have fun with each other over a bath towel. Nimrit is called into the confession room. Bigg Boss asks if Nimrit is happy now that Ankit is captain. Nimrit says that Ankit did the right thing by saving Sajid. Bigg Boss asks where she stands with Ankit.

Soundarya says that Ankit should have saved her since she washed so many of Ankit’s clothes. Bigg Boss asks how Ankit feels.

Priyanka says that Sajid started to support him only after Sumbul was out of the race. She also adds that Soundarya had supported him a lot.

Abdu tells Nimrit and Shiv that Sajid seems to be exhausted after not eating food. Nimrit and Shiv decide to give Sajid as soon as possible.

Soundarya sobs saying that her problem is that she cares too much about people, and talks to Archana and Priyanka. Archana tells Priyanka that Ankit will not be able to speak freely in Priyanka’s presence. Priyanka takes offence and becomes emotional. The two hug and make up. 

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