Australia politics live updates: parliament resumes with tributes to Queen Elizabeth II; Wong prepares to meet Chinese counterpart in New York

1 week ago

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Parliament will resume for normal business from Monday, but the PM won’t be there – he will be in Japan for Shinzo Abe’s funeral.

Australia’s delegation includes former prime ministers Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull.

Remember how we said it was politics as usual?

Here is Sarah Henderson’s response to the Optus data breach:

For months, the opposition has been calling on the Albanese Government to deliver tougher online privacy and data protection laws.

While the cause of this massive data breach is under investigation including assessing whether Optus customers have suffered any harm, this incident must serve as a dramatic wakeup call for the government.

In July, I joined with Shadow Attorney-General, Julian Leeser, to call on Labor to adopt the Coalition’s Online Privacy Bill.

Earlier this month, I joined with Mr Leeser and Shadow Minister for Cyber Security and Countering Foreign Interference, Senator James Paterson, to condemn the Albanese Government for its failure to strengthen online privacy and data protection laws.

While the government has initiated a Department of Home Affairs review into data security on social media platforms such as TikTok, this won’t be completed until next year. This is all too little, too late. It is also concerning that Labor’s Communications Minister, Michelle Rowland, has shown no interest in this issue.

Rather than kick the can down the road, Labor must urgently consider all regulatory options and act immediately to improve the privacy and safety of Australians online.

If you are reading this from Victoria, we hope you are enjoying your Friday public holiday.

Good morning

Parliament is back (sort of) and with the national day of mourning past, it is back to politics as usual (also sort of)

The condolence motion for the Queen kicks off at 8am for this special parliament sitting. As you would expect, the prime minister is first off the line, with all the party leaders following.

Once that is all done and dusted, any other MP who wishes to speak gets a five-minute speaking slot.

There is going to be a lot of repetition and tenuous links to the Queen, so brace yourself.

Meanwhile, in New York, Penny Wong is preparing to meet with her Chinese government counterpart, Wang Yi, for what would be a second meeting.

We say preparing because these things don’t happen until they happen.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the rain in NSW as well and anything else which pops up.

It is going to be a five-coffee day. At least.


Let’s get into it.

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